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cosmic fabric

I picked up this fabric today. The plan is to turn it into a skirt (from Truly Victorian pattern TV290) for a special event coming up in July.

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Here’s my Worldcon schedule. I’m arriving Wednesday evening, and leaving Monday evening, so they’ll be lots of time to socialize. I hope to meet lots of online friends IRL, and to meet up with, well, everyone!

My Schedule:

THURSDAY, 30 August
Hall or Competition Costume
[Panelists: Kevin Roche (M), Aurora Celeste, David M. Stein, Elektra Hammond]
How do I determine if a costume is a competition costume or a hall costume?

MONDAY, 3 September
Grand Ballroom B
Steampunk and Cosplaying: Boon, Threat, or Menace?
[Panelists: Kevin Roche (M), Elektra Hammond, Leigh Ann Hildebrand, Richard Dutcher, Sarah Hans]
Everybody’s seen the steampunk and cosplaying enthusiasts who’ve become a major part of SF conventions and fandom in general; is this new rise of organized costumers a benefit to SF fandom, or is it just a ephemeral trend that won’t amount to anything permanent?

And there you have it.

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It’s my third Chicon (yeah!) and I’m doing an actual panel. I’m excited way more than I should be by this . . .

My Schedule:

THURSDAY, 30 August
Hall or Competition Costume
[Panelists: Kevin Roche (M), David M. Stein, Elektra]
How do I determine if a costume is a competition costume or a hall costume?

And there you have it. But it’s more panels than I’ve ever done at a Worldcon before, so I’m totally excited.

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Philcon rocked.

I got in Friday a little after things got started (Mike had to work and I waited for him so we could travel in one car instead of two), and the weekend was filled was fun, friends, and surprises. Friday included the PSFS (Philadelphia Science Fiction Society) meeting, attending a panel on the 75-year history of Philcon, including reminiscences of the early days by Robert A. Madle, an attendee of the very first Philcon. I rounded out the evening by attending the concert given by the featured filk guest, S.J. [Sooj] Tucker. To my very great surprise, Sooj was accompanied by Betsy Tinney on cello, a fellow maine coon breeder I’ve known forever.

After the concert (and a quick hello to Betsy), we headed off to Chez McPhail, where we were able to spend our weekend in comfortable accommodations (including yummy dinners).

Saturday I wasn’t committed to any panels until 3pm, so in and around my commitments I attended panels on Space Art (an intriguing look into the process of very different artistic minds), Costume Philosophy 101 (why create a particular costume?), the infamous Pirate Ninja, Alien, Big Damn Space Hero discussion? battle?, Psychic Detectives to Paranormal Investigators, and Cory Doctorow’s GOH Speech. I spent some time in the Huckster’s Room, and committed Mike and I to working in the Green Room for the Masquerade at Chicon 7 in September.

I moderated a lively panel on Costume Embellishment (I dragged out a few bits of show & tell, but mostly tried to just moderate–the last con where I did costuming panels I was the only one without show & tell, this time I was the only one who brought some . . . ). Later, at 7pm, was the Song of Ice and Fire panel–one of the highlights of the convention. We had a full room of fans, and a fun hour discussing George R.R. Martin’s wonderful epic. Afterwards, I headed downstairs with Mike to watch the masquerade and the halftime show (Sooj & Betsy joined by Heather Dale & Ben Deschamps) before calling it a night.

Sunday was super busy–panels at 10am, noon and 2pm. The first panel was on what makes a story Steampunk. Panelists included G.D. Falksen, Gil Cnaan, Jonah Knight, Richard Stout and me. Noon was a Steampunk costuming panel, after which I went to Jonah Knight’s 1pm Supernatural Steampunk concert. At 2pm, I moderated a Found Materials Costuming panel, then took a final turn through the Huckster’s Room.

Sometime during the weekend Mike and I managed to buy a small mountain of books, and I picked up a gorgeous skull-and-crossbones cameo (that glows in the dark!) from Robert Quill. Not to mention drooling over a bunch of great stuff–I want a Bat’leth for Christmas!

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