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Mobsters with some issues trying to play it straight and keep a low profile. Who thought that was a good idea? The full review is at buzzymag.

An excerpt:
The Family is a dark comedic slice-of-life film about a not-so-ordinary family in extraordinary circumstances.

They’re a family that takes nothin’ from nobody, in the finest mob tradition, as seen through the filter of European eyes, played absolutely over-the-top for maximum silliness.

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Lots of chase scenes are at the heart of Hit and Run, a movie trying to decide whether it’s action/adventure, comedy, or romance. Read my review at buzzymag.

An excerpt:
This movie is at its best when real-life couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are simply bantering back and forth–they can be adorable on screen. But their onscreen relationship issues are tough to believe.

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It’s vulgar, it’s funny, it’s goofy, it’s a good time. Read my review of the guilty pleasure that is new movie The Watch at buzzymag.com..

An excerpt:
The Watch is four different movies in one: it’s a funny, awkward buddy movie, a sci-fi alien invasion movie, a scary suspense movie, and a high-action shoot ’em up. All feature the same characters, and have nothing in common other than the utter goofiness.

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